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About Us

Poetry Party
Poetry Party
Who We Are
Sligo Creek Cooperative (SCC) is a secular, inclusive, educational cooperative designed to meet the needs of homeschooling families in Montgomery County, Washington, DC, and surrounding areas.  We place strong emphasis both on community building and service to the larger community.  
SCC was the brainchild of nine area families who  like so many other homeschooling families in our area  had long been frustrated by the lack of affordable, accessible classes and activities for our kids.  We shared with other homeschoolers a strong desire for a larger, more diverse homeschooling community.  And we wanted a place to gather - to share ideas, connect with old friends and make new ones. 
We aim to create a vibrant, dynamic community, welcoming to families with children of all ages. SCC offers a variety of classes and activities, from Psychology to Art, Writing to Yoga, Algebra to Creative Movement.    
Community service is an integral part of co-op life.  Our Community Outreach Committee will help kids and families find community service opportunities that are right for them.  As a volunteer corps, we are poised to make real change and introduce our kids to the rewards of social action. 
Our Philosophy
SCC is a cooperative of families: each member contributes time and resources to make the community viable and cohesive. We share responsibility for all aspects of the co-op and value everyone's contribution — from teaching to cleaning up after lunch to welcoming new families.  In so doing, we foster community building and keep classes accessible and affordable.


SCC strives to create an environment in which children can pursue their passions and interests freely. We believe in trusting children to discover who they are and what they can accomplish, with a community of parents and peers providing the support structure that makes this possible.  We believe that meaninful learning happens when children are engaged with material that is relevant and interesting, in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


An integral part of SCC is our commitment to providing our children with the means to invest in the larger community in meaningful ways. Through community service, we hope to foster a sense of global citizenship among all members, no matter their age.


At SCC we value the individual as well as the community. Anyone, regardless of age or degree, can teach a subject about which he or she is passionate and informed. In addition to our parent-taught classes, we encourage our older students to help teach the younger ones. We provide opportunities for children of all ages to spend time together, as mixed aged groups are beneficial for all.

Our Hosts
Of course, we couldn't do any of this without our wonderful hosts: Episcopal Church of the Ascension (Ascension).   Ascension has not only provided us a lovely space, they've been a delight to work with friendly, accomodating and thoughtful.  We're excited to have such a warm and welcoming home for Sligo Creek Cooperative.