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Remote Learning Technologies

We have a number of remote learning technologies available for our members. 

All teachers and students using Google products (Classroom, Chat, Meet, etc.) should do so from within their sligocreekcoop.com Google accounts. If you don't know what this is, don't have access to it, or need help using it, please contact Sonja. 

Google Chrome and Mobile Apps

Everyone should use the Google Chrome browser on computers whenever possible, and should consider downloading the relevant apps to their mobile devices (Classroom, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs). 

Please use the profiles option in Chrome to keep your different Google accounts separated, as described in the following links:

Google's documentation on using Multiple Accounts with Google Chrome

Sonja's slide show on how to set up profiles in Chrome

Google Classroom

This is used primarily to provide information to students and manage assignments. It is highly recommended that all classes offering remote instruction have a Google Classroom to provide a central repository of information for the class. Assignments can be created that are individual to each student, or that are collaborative between mulitple students. This is all handled automatically within Google Classroom, simply by having the teacher choose the right options. 

Google's documentation about Classroom

SCC web site "classes" section 

All teachers should also know about this. It is part of the sligocreekcoop.com web site, and also allows teachers to post announcements and assignments. The major benefit of this environment is that it is set up automatically for each class, and is easily accessible to parents. Teachers can easily create an e-mail to go out to all parents associated with the class, so all teachers will want to know about it even though Google Classroom will be more appropriate for most classes. 

Teachers who are trying to decide between using Google Classroom or the SCC web site "classes" section to post assignments and other class information should consider who they are mainly trying to communicate with.

  • If mainly trying to communicate with students (middle and high school), use Google Classroom
  • If mainly trying to communicate with parents (elementary school), use SCC Web Site "classes" option


Lead teachers all have Zoom accounts provided by the co-op. 

Documentation for Zoom is available on their web site. We also offer teacher training about Zoom, and Sonja is happy to meet with teachers one-on-one to answer questions!

Google Chat

This technology can be used to create a chatroom for your class that will exist both during and outside of the time when your class is meeting. It can be used to facilitate outside-of-class discussion, and for small group work. 

Documentation for SCC Teachers about Google Chat (you must be signed in to view this page)

Forwarding E-mail to another account

If you need to forward your SCC e-mail to another account, perhaps because you don't check your SCC e-mail regularly, the following instructions from Google will help you: 

Google Instructions on mail forwarding

If you'd like to see screenshots, try Sonja's instructions on mail forwarding